Renew your energy through finding your oxygen for life, by identifying where you lost it, and working towards regaining it.

This program will aid you in changing your thinking of how to renew your energy and how to work towards a healthier you. By regaining energy through understanding where you lost your oxygen for life, changing it, learning how your body works and then, curated uniquely for you, a bespoke program to follow on your health journey.

This five week program includes a weekly focus topic, involving videos, written lectures, weekly questionnaires, weekly consultations of 30 and 15 minutes, and a set up and supply of final summary and guidelines.

The topics discussed over the five weeks include; the acid/alkaline balance, insulin resistance, gut, live and kidney health and circulation (blood and lymphatic system).

Within the video and lecture notes, you will be educated on each topic and shown the connections between each system and how they could be affecting you and your overall health. The questionnaire will allow you to answer questions that may shed light on how the topics discussed could be a contributing factor to your health concerns. It will then allow me, Charmaine D, to properly analyse and help you connect the dots.

My aim is to provide you with the education and knowledge, in order to give you the power and autonomy to understand the intricacies of our bodies and the role our systems have to play. Allowing you to move on from ailments, illnesses or pain, and move towards a brighter and healthier you.

What my clients say

“I highly recommend this course, I am a celiac with chronic endometriosis and alkalising my body through diet and supplements has improved my overall health, Charmaine is informative and really looks in to the source of my digestive issues and inflammation. I have had more relief from following her instruction than I have in years. ”

Gemma, QLD

“Before I started seeing Charmaine D, my skin was the worst it's ever been. Charmaine has transformed my skin health, which has boosted my self confidence. She has also helped me overhaul my at-home routine, so I'm keeping my skin naturally healthy from the inside, out. I've also started seeing Charmaine as a Naturopath, and my energy levels have increased.”

CL, Glenelg South

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Program!

    2. Program Outline

    3. Let's talk about detox

    4. Blog: Oxygen for Life

    1. Welcome to Module One

    2. Acid/Alkaline Balance

    3. Acid/Alkaline Balance Brochure

    4. 7 day diet plan

    5. 7 day diet plan - blank

    6. Gut, Liver & Kidney 7 Day Energising Meal Plan

    7. Gut, Liver & Kidney Detox Recipes

    8. The Acid/Alkaline Vegetable Smoothie

    9. Rainbow Nutrients

    10. How to increase your water intake

    11. Module One Questionnaire

    12. Book Your Consult with Charmaine

About this course

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  • 16 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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